President and Vice President are authorised to change this as necessary

=======The ranks=======

President;What do you expect, Hes in charge.

Vice-President The vice president (Co owner)

Prime Minister; In charge of parliament (Needing Members)

Minister The minister of ministries which they run

Deputy Minister The person who helps out with minister and helps when the minister is inactive corrupt or fired and there is no minister

Politician The last rank you can rank up to through training the rest you can get is through polls you can only apply if you're a politician (GETS SUPER ADMIN)

Senior Officers The highest officer rank also the last of the officer ranks (GETS SUPER ADMIN)

Officers The officers of ministries makes sure there ministry is in shape and no abusers or people wishing to annoy us are in.

Junior Officers The lowest rank of officer and first rank of the officer ranking system

Developers The lovely people who help make the game.

Sergeant Is form of Non-Commissioned officer which gets Admin.

Corporal Lowest rank which gets a form of admin.

Allies The people who joined an alliance with The Mexican Border

Private First Class The last defensive staff and a step to becoming more important.

Private Upper Class A middle Defensive staff rank.

Private The first rank of the defensive staff

Trainees The people who are in training and ranked up.

High Class Citizens The upper class citizens who are richer and are capitalists

Citizens The citizens of mexico

Foreigners People who are unknown to the server

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